Vauxhall Light Bulb Change

Trying to get at my side light bulbs to change them, what a cow of a job - the battery is in the way on one side, and the other side there are pipes in the way.... what a pain! - a friend just said 'take it to a garage' - yeah, right, gonna spend about £20 to change two bulbs that will cost about £1! Website guides says its simple 'twist and pull, change bulb and put back in again' - another says 'Fiddle around inside and try to prize the bulbs out. For this you'll need the hands of an elf and the dexterity of a ninja master' .... lol Job done! - driver side one wasn't a problem after working out which way to 'twist and pull' - passenger side one was more of a job - had to enlist Bill's help - on putting it back in I hurt my wrist, got a nasty mark on it!


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