Party 2015

Well the festival season has kicked off with Troyfest 2015 at Baskerville Hall Hotel in Powys. I voluntered along with my best friend Neil. It was one amazing festival, and the atmosphere was really great, and the people were really great as well (volunteers, security and festival goers)

Then last weekend was my 40th Birthday Weekend - really let my self go for that one (thanks to Neil, Jamie and Skinner for making my 40th one to remember!)

Got more festivals to go to as a volunteer, and as interviewer for my show and Bro Radio

So far coming up is....

Lunar Festival (volunteer)
Nozstock (reporter/interviewer)

With the above in mind, I've decided one thing... to live life to its fullest, party and enjoy my self.  With all my aches and pains and other problems, I have to learn to live with them, and not let them dictate what I can do.  I can't live life wrapped up in cotton wool in a box marked fragile, I have to live life out side the box and enjoy it while I can.

I fear I may end up turning in to a party animal... but its time I lived life and dug my self out from the cushions of the sofa and stop being a couch potato.

A few years back I was getting out for walks, and that is one thing I must get back in to the habbit of.

Life is for the living, and I must get on with it and live it.


LUNAR FESTIVAL was just fantastic. Lots of great acts including the Radiophonic Workshop. This is one festival I will be volunteering at next year

NOZSTOCK took place 24th to the 26th July. It was a great festival, some fantastic acts including Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer, De La Soul and the main headliner for me Martha Reeves & The Vandellas. It was a bit wet and muddy though, but that didn't dampen things too much

 <--- Martha Reeves with my mug :)


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