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... After Pnumonia


Well back in August 2015 I ended up in Llandough Hospital with Pnumonia. It was no fun being hooked up to machines having drips going in to you for 3 days.

Staying in bed or sitting in a chair was no fun for someone who likes to keep busy helping others and volunteering.

My legs swelled up and so did my feet. I was looked after very well by the hospital staff, just want to say a huge thank you to them, and to the doctors at Lansdowne Surgery as well for their care.

Anyway back home now, itching to get stuck in to things, but am due to have various scans and appointments.

Got a scan of my heath comming up, as well as a scan of my abdomen area, a chest x-ray, and a possible scan of my liver too if the blood results come back iffy.

I have also got an appointment coming up with Dr Pink (that's the doctor I am seeing for my lung problem) and also with the Chest Pain Clinic.

I am still getting chest pains, on ventalin and a spray for my heart, but one bit of good news - I seem to have my blood sugar under control which is a good thing.

Still got the depression thing going on, the pain in my shoulder, arm, neck and back as well.

My stomach feels ok at the moment, but saying that I am on patches for pain killing at the moment (Butrans) but not for too much longer now I fear.

A Gripe: about hospital food, the NHS keep going on about ballanced meals and getting your '5 a day'  yet a number of meals in there contained more than one lot of potato - I had cheese and potato pie one day, and it came with boiled and chips as well as its potato - they should have ditched the extra and went for cabbage and carrotts!

This blog follows on from the pnumonia admission to hospital, and saves you having to read the other health blog post.

Update 24th September 2015: Went to the doctors today to find out how my recovery is going. Was pleased to hear my chest has cleared up a little. Went there with another problem, the last week I've been waking up short of breath unable to catch my breath and in panic. Doctor said its probably stress and worry, but at the same time it could be sleep apnia. They think I am stressing out over the heart scan I have got coming up and its results.

I want to get back to full health, so I can get out for walks with Neil again, I miss quality time with him, walking about and getting fresh air.

All this coughing is driving me nuts and doing my head in

Update 25th September 2015: A DWP decission maker phoned me just now following on from a DWP medical I had last week. They have decided to put me in the support group for ESA. While I would rather be working, I know I have to put my all in to getting better, and getting back in to some kind of fit state or I will not be any use to anyone.

Update 9th October 2015:  Had a heart scan last week, went back to chest pain clinic yesterday for an appointment.

They want to do an 'invasive' procedure to check the blood flow - put a tube in my arm down to my heart and put dye in to me - apparently it comes with complecations

I zoned out after being told that and didn't hear what else the specialist was saying.

Went to doctors to get medication that the specialist wants me to be on

My doctor explained things clearer for me - the heart scan (I had last week) showed that my heart isn't pumping as well as it should, the tablets I been put on (Bisoprolol 2.5mg) should help with that - but they can also cause problems the other way and make matters worse

You get put on things to help one way, and problems can be caused another - can't win

Also had a chest Xray on Wednesday just gone - not had results back from that yet (next GP appointment is next Thursday morning)

Update 5th November 2015: Been thinking what the specialist said yesterday at the hospital...I only have one and a half lungs at the moment, my left lung is badly scared at the moment.... it will get better, but will take time.

Saw pictures of the x-ray I had when I was in, saw the differences in a fluid filled lung (when I had pnumonia) and non fluid filled one (from before and after the pnumonia).

Still coughing up blood, but not to concerned about that, as I know where it is coming from and whats causing it, Also know why sometimes its painful when I over do things, trying to catch my breath... its the scaring in the left lung.

All in all, left lung in bad shape, but it will improve over time.

Was told that getting over pnumonia can take a healthy 20 year old male 6 months, but in my case - no where near healthy and 20 years older - can expect around a year.

Heart wise - got to be brave and have the exploritary procedure carried out to find out what is wrong.

Update 28th January 2016: Well not much of an update for you this time around. Got another appointment with the chest pain clinic next week, decided at the back end of last year to have the tube but in to my arm to my heart so they can see whats what. My heart rate is still a cause for concern.

My eyes are also a small problem now too, changes due to diabetis at the back of the eye, which needs to get checked out.

I've said this before, but I want to thank my friends for all their support, love you all

Update 5th Feb 2016: Well had the appointment at the hospital and am on the waiting list now for an angiogram... on antibiotics for a bad cough in the hope it dont turn in to anything worse again. 

Update 24th Feb 2016: Not too sure why, but I'm feeling a bit down - got a telephone assessment appointment with the NHS Primary Mental Health Support Service on 2nd March, hope they can help get to the bottom of these feelings, its not good having things running round and round in your mind, health issues... worries... concerns...


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