A Moving Time...

Well its a time for moving it seems. 

My best friend, Neil, is almost all moved in to his temporary flat while his is getting renovated.  
Another friend is moving from his flat in to his Mum's one, and his Mum is moving in to a new flat. 

I am finally moving in to the Swansea area at long last, the Bonymaen area to be exact, after being given a flat by Family Housing.

On top of all this moving that is going on a festival to go to, Nozstock in Hereforshire, and then off in August on a European back packing holiday for a month.... can't wait!

But not sure when I've moved in to Swansea what direction to go with my life. I want to keep doing radio, but where?.... carry on at Bro Radio in Barry or try to go back to where I got the radio bug in the first place and aim for hospital radio in Llanelli and BGM?... or I cold get back in to DJing again

Hmmmmm.... not sure what to do


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