Panic attacks?

In the last month or so I have been getting panic attacks. These are not good and are scary. I've had three since Mid November that are cause for concern.
I get a pounding headache, sweat, can't catch my breath and feel like my heart is going to explode.

I've also had slight ones which do not bother me too much, but these mega ones do and frighten me.

After the last one yesterday evening - had a bit of a sleepless night - that panic attack yesterday evening knocked me for 5 (cant say 6 as it wasn't as bad) could all the extra stress of day to day living on my own be causing this? I was never as bad as this when in Cardiff with friends in their spare room... financial worries and the like?

Am sure it wasn't a panic attack due to figuring out a few things in my head, and more down to weight and what I was carrying.

UPDATE: 15th Feb 2017
My car is currently off the road due to clutch problems, yesterday I had to go on a bus to get to my father and meet him, not too much of a problem, but today on way to my flat from being with a friend for the last 5 days, had a major panic thing going on when on the crowded bus... not a good feeling, was almost in tears.


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