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... After Pnumonia

AFTER PNUMONIA: Well back in August 2015 I ended up in Llandough Hospital with Pnumonia. It was no fun being hooked up to machines having drips going in to you for 3 days. Staying in bed or sitting in a chair was no fun for someone who likes to keep busy helping others and volunteering. My legs swelled up and so did my feet. I was looked after very well by the hospital staff, just want to say a huge thank you to them, and to the doctors at Lansdowne Surgery as well for their care. Anyway back home now, itching to get stuck in to things, but am due to have various scans and appointments. Got a scan of my heath comming up, as well as a scan of my abdomen area, a chest x-ray, and a possible scan of my liver too if the blood results come back iffy. I have also got an appointment coming up with Dr Pink (that's the doctor I am seeing for my lung problem) and also with the Chest Pain Clinic. I am still getting chest pains, on ventalin and a spray for my heart, but one bit of good news -