Roundabout Returns to Swansea's Kingsway

ffs, why is the council doing this? that junction by Potters Wheel is busy, the lights were ok there, why spend money on changing something that wasn't broken? there are roads about that need repairs done before messing with new or revived road layouts... 

City & County of Swansea, please get your planners to decide and stick with their plans, not chop and change as they see fit. Any change to road layouts confuse drivers and slow down traffic flow, what about pedestrians? it wont be easy to cross there now, with the lights they could. 

Oh yes, was told earlier about a new raised island type bit that has appeared at the other end of the Kingsway, near the Dragon Hotel, a friend of mine almost drove over it,,,, what on earth is the council playing at? 

I'm thinking of avoiding driving through the middle of Swansea and will use it as a roundabout just until they have finished the chaos! OK my rant is over


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