Looking back at 2017, it started off ok seeing it in with Neil and Jamie, which was wonderful. 

Volunteering at Big Love Festival and True Fest, and going to Nozstock. Managed to get out for a bit of dancing at some point. 

Health wise, things on a downward path, but my doctor is getting on to it with tests and scans in the new year.

Been fighting with the DWP, but thanks to my Family Housing Support Worker, facing them head on.

This year has been the year I have also tried to expand my world. Joining Rose Hill Quarry Group, became chairperson of Seaview Terrace Green Space Group and joined a local Cuppa & Chat Group plus helped out at the local food bank a bit.

Made some fab new friends along the way like Dylan, Janet, Peter, Gemma, Kaz, Ami, Leonie and too many more to mention.

2018, well going to get my ducks all in a row and make things happen

Sending love to you all, see you soon


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