So Trump is in the UK now, #protests are taking place in London and elsewhere around the UK. While I wish I was there, I’m putting my words here to show how I feel.

Trump and his “I’m the U.S. president, obay me” attitude.  He is a #TwoFaced person with a wrecking ball that he is swinging.

Bossing European countries about, telling Germany who they should and shouldn’t get their gas from, yet his is going to meet #Putin and wants #Russia to get back in with the G7.

The U.S. / Mexico border with children being taken from their parents, so far they have not finished getting the kids back with their families.

Banning people, from some countries from entering the USA, including North Korea who he is trying to get chummy with. He has told #TheSun that immigration is costing us our culture... hello get your own country in shape first!

As for #Brexit, Trump wants the UK to have a clean break with Europe so the USA can have ties without the EU, hey Trump, let our government do their thing, the UK needs some ties, the rest of Europe are our neighbours and we are still part of Europe even though we are leaving the EU

Imposing trade sanctions and getting upset when those countries impose their own on the U.S.
Trump has taken the USA out of the Paris International Climate Agreement, taken steps to cut back the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, and is on record as saying “global warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese to attack US manufacturing” … what a crock of crap!

Trump tweets almost every day, most of it hasn't even been censored or checked by the White House Press Office

Why on earth the UK government and The Queen are rolling out the red carpet for him is beyond me. Our country has a lot going on its self.

I stand by the #protesters even though I am not there


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