Hate Crimes

Hate crimes seem to be ramping up in the USA in the last few days

The synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, eleven people killed, my thoughts and best wishes are with all who are affected.

The pipe bombs sent out to various people by a serial mail bomber, again my thoughts and wishes are with all who have been affected.

I don’t know why the world is in such a mess where hate crimes are concerned. Where is it going to end? We should all love and care for one another regardless of race, religion or beliefs.

I do think the US President Trump should do something with the gun laws, it seems any nut job can get hold of guns or explosive materials.

On the subject of Trump, his ‘fake news’ thing, I say stop picking on CNN, they just report what comes from you, your tweets. In the UK Ofcom revoked Fox News broadcast license for not doing things right with the UK elections.

I guess the world will at some point be calm and safe…. But probably not in my life time  

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