Mental Health Awareness Week Post

It isn't easy to see who is suffering from a mental health problem. Seeing as it is Mental Health Awareness Week, I thought I would share this with you.

I have a number of physical problems including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands,  Ankylosing Spondylitis in my back which is spreading to other parts including my neck and shoulders and hips, Asthma and also a heart problem.
I suffer with depression and stress, a memory problem where I can forget what I am doing and can be talking one moment and then forget a word and also forget what I am saying, I also suffer from panic attacks and find going on public transport difficult. It is these conditions that are not always easy to see, but look for certain signs and you may just notice them.

Pressures of the physical health issues I have bring me down. Not being able to do certain simple things, not being able to remember words and what I am doing make me feel depressed, helpless and useless. Feeling fed up all the time - it's not a good feeling.

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