Health update 5th May 2020

As well as having Ankylosing Spondylitis and carpal tunnel syndrome - which are both bad enough to have to live with!
Yesterday I had a telephone consultation with a spinal specialist at Morriston Hospital (due to the COVID-19 lock down this seems to be the new normal), he said I have problems with bone wear and disc problem which is causing a trapped nerve which is causing the pain and problems I am having, along with bone growths.
Reading the letter he sent me it says;
"The MRI scan from 18 months ago shows a degree of cervical spondylosis at C6/7 with some impingement of the C7 nerve roots which is probably transiently causing these nurological symptoms"
In the information leaflet that was sent with it, it says;
"Numbness, clumsiness and weakness in arms and legs are likely due to pressure on the spinal cord in the neck. If there is severe cord compression on your MRI, then further damage is likely", it goes on to say "Once spinal cord damage has occurred, it is usually irreversible"
Now, after speaking to the specialist I have the above slight, but to a degree where it is affecting my life on a daily basis, affecting what I can do, but in the letter the specialist says I only get it for 'a few minutes', which is untrue, what I actually said was any where 'from a few minutes to an hour'
They won't operate at the moment due to the fact any op could cause more problems than will solve. The specialist looked at a scan/xray from 2018, and as soon as lock down is over they will get me in for another one.
REALLY fed up and depressed, but at least I know I am not going nuts.
UPDATE July 1st 2021: It's been diagnosed that I also have Osteoarthritis 


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