Exit from Lockdown... Wales

So the plan for Wales to come out of its mothballs / box / bubble wrap / cold storage / lockdown is as follows, with my own views in brackets and itallics

Here are some key dates:

March 13: Stay at home requirement lifted - Five mile rule comes in 
(basically what I am doing now in my support bubble)

March 15: Hairdressers reopen and more pupils back in school 
(I do my own hair, don't have kids, but at least less stress for parents)

March 22: Supermarkets can sell non-essential items
(while a good thing, I think other shops should also open... or it's not fair)

March 27: You can travel anywhere in Wales 
(so excited about this one... long drives ahead! - while this is a great thing to happen, no one from other parts of the UK will be able to come in to Wales, and no one from Wales can go outside of Wales)

April 12: All shops can reopen and all pupils return to schools 
(all shops should open on March 22nd)

Mid to late April: Wales is considering reopening some outdoor hospitality and possibly some gyms

Not before May 17: Flights resume at Cardiff Airport

Mark Drakeford sat down with WalesOnline for 15 minutes this morning and talked through his thinking 
(he actually thinks?, 😱 I am shocked!).

While Mark Drakeford has given these dates, it is all down to what we, the people do, and down to the how the virus behaves.

keep wearing your mask 😷
Keep social distancing 🙋 ⬅️2mtrs➡️ 🕵️ 
Keep washing or sanitising your hands 🤲



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