Eye Issue, Diabetes, Jabs and Mental Health

Really fed up with my left eye. Floaters and blurriness. 
Went to the hospital on Monday, had eye drops and then pictures taken. Went in to get eye examined. The specialist confirmed that there had been a bleed at the back of the eye, but couldn't see the source of it, so decided not to zap with laser to fix the issue.

My eye seems to be producing lots of gunk, keep having to wipe clean, some mornings have to unstick my left eye. Using gentle eye drops which seem to help.

A further appointment for Monday 13th December has been made, so this blog post will be updated further then.

Now, the eye problem is diabetes related, on the Friday before I saw the diabetic nurse, good news, blood sugars are down close to where they should be, it is still the intention to get me off the Insullin as soon as is possible. Also my cholesterol is in a good place. 

While in with the nurse, I chatted to her about how I was feeling. Told her that I am fed up, and that I can't bring myself to get out to mix with my friends again, only venturing out if I need to, and if I want to go to any shops, force myself to go out very early morning at say 7am or 8am just to avoid the crowds. 

I also had my flu jab, and talking of jabs, got my Covid-19 booster this coming Sunday... joy of joys, hope it don't make me bad like the first one!

On the subject of Covid. Austria was going to lockdown all anti-vaccinated, but have decided to lockdown everyone, and make jabs mandatory. I think making jabs mandatory goes against human rights.

The UK needs to do something to prevent lockdown, I think all parts of the UK need to make mask wearing mandatory and also send out free LFT kits to everyone.

Blog update on the way Sunday afternoon following my Covid booster

So had my booster jab, it was the Pfizer. In 6 months time I got to have a 4th one. It's because I'm on biological therepy (my 2 weekly injection for my back, it lowers my immune system)

The following is part of a report printed in The Scotsman newspaper


While AstraZeneca was one of the three vaccines offered to Brits during the Covid vaccination programme (it's the vaccine I had), it is not among the vaccines being commonly used for booster jabs.

The reason for AstraZeneca not being used as a booster is due to the fact that it is not an mRNA vaccine - unlike Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna.

Typically, flu jabs and many similar vaccines, will encourage our immune response by injecting a weakened germs or parts of a virus into our bodies to trigger an immune response.

But mRNA vaccines (messenger RNA vaccines) are those which instruct our bodies to reproduce the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein and break this down through a direct immune response.

These kinds of vaccines have been used in trials for all sorts of health solutions for years, but have only been fully trialled and licensed for the first time for Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid vaccines.



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