27th Jan to 1st Feb 2022

27th Jan
Covid has scared me in to online shopping, I've not been able to see friends I love, not been able to cuddle or hug friends. I know friends who haven't had their jabs and am constantly worrying about them, I've lost a few dear friends too, just last week two funerals on one day, I couldn't go due to numbers and my health, my heart felt like it was being pulled two ways.

I need to hug people, I need to see friends, I need to be happy, right now I feel fed up, stressed out, pissed off with everything, life seems right now to be a big pile of crap.

30th Jan
The last few days have been awful, been in agony, also have had to put drops in my left eye and keep it covered up. I've spent most of the time in bed, in and out of sleep.

1st Feb
So the start of a new month, nothing changes. Woke up with neck in agony and most of the upper part of my back. Feeling sick with the pain.
My mood is really low right now, feel so depressed and useless. I want my life back. Want the vision in my left eye back properly. Want my aches and pains gone, want to be able to go for long walks like I used to and not have to use a stick. I'm fed up of being restricted in what I can do.


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