Mental and Physical

This week has been mental health awareness week. 

I suffer with physical issues; Ankylosing Spondylitis, Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia acts as a kind of amplifier, boosting the pain, and other issues. 

These physical issues really affect my mental health I get frustrated and stressed when I fail to do every day tasks.

Currently, I have a problem with my left eye. Started off with floaters, and at the end of last year went blurry. I am awaiting an operation, that was due to take place, as I was led to believe, earlier in the year. I was then told that my good right eye needs to deteriorate before they will do any operation. 

Having a blurry eye is really reducing my enjoyment of life. Even though I have been given the green light for driving by the DVLA, I am unable to enjoy it and therefore find myself staying as local as possible. Going for long drives has gone out the window, so I can go to see friends and family.

I contacted my local councillor, Paul Lloyd, who suggested that I contact Mike Hedges who will intervene. Mike has taken it on board and I await the outcome.

With Summer on its way, the festival season is commeth, and early July I am due to hire a camper van and go to Big Love Festival. With a bad eye, driving a strange van a long distance just isn't going to happen. 

I love to dog sit, dogs are a really good pick me up. Dogs don't judge and have so much love to give. There is one dog in Surrey that I love, Nikki, but with my eye how it is driving down there is off the cards.

I want my eye sorted out. The pandemic has wrecked everyone's life, I don't want my eye to wreck my summer. 

So, you can see how physical and mental health goes hand in hand.


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