June 2023

June 2023 Another month, same ol' stuff going on. At the start of the month I managed a walk, only a gentle walk, but a walk nether the less, my body didn't thank me for it, day after the walk I was in agony.  Couldn't do anything around the flat at all. The dry weather although nice, is really not agreeing with me. As the humid weather kicked in around about the 9th of June my breathing became difficult. Waking up in bed full of sweat wasn't pleasant, combine that with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia amplifying it ... Not good. On Wednesday 14th I've got another laser eye zapping to get through... not looking forward to it though. As I get ready to head to the hospital, Wednesday 14th June, I am hoping it's the last of the laser zapping, I just want my vision properly back in my left eye.  Bit on the achy side again this morning which is making getting ready difficult, but as normal, I struggle on. Well, the laser eye zapping went ok, can see a bit clearer, but n

Mental Health Awareness Week

 This week is Mental Health Awareness Week , and today I am talking about ' Anxiety ' Like many others, I've had an issue with anxiety for many years, but during the pandemic and the various lock downs its been ramped up, and currently am not ready to face the issue head on. There is help out there, so please do a search online to find out what help is available in your area. Video version is on YouTube I'm looking for people to talk to about this issue, if you want to take part, message me on here or email If you are part of a mental health charity and would be willing to have a zoom chat with me so I can make a vlog / podcast, please get in touch

May 2023

  In to the fifth month of the year , still getting tired a lot, my blood pressure seems to be improving, and my diabetic blood sugar levels seem to be within a good range. Eye wise, I am due some laser zapping again to clear up as one specialist called it, frosting behind the lens that was put in, after that my vision should be ok, so am now on a waiting list for that!   5 th May 2023: Woke up by great pain in my right arm, right shoulder, top of my back and neck, feeling sick with the pain again too. Pain is at 9 out of 10 I would say.   8 th May 2023: Well, it’s my 48 th birthday today, kind of a quiet one, uneventful, but that’s ok. Pain at a capable level, felt a little queasy this morning but not sick though.   9 th May 2023: Managed to venture out today with Neil. Had a little walk along the beach foot path, got some good fresh sea air and some moody photos, here is one of them.... photo © Philip (Phil) England MMXX!!! 16th May 2023: Last week I managed to

April 2023

  April 2023, and it started of with great pain.  Saturday 1st April 2023: Started off the new month with pain at about 5 out of 10, this increased to about 8 out of 10 as the day went on. Early to bed, pain killers had, lower back is in terrible agony, hurts to sit and stand - heating pad on, which is helping. Sunday 2 nd April 2023: Still very achy but less than I was yesterday when I went to bed, pain at about 6 out of 10. Seem to have a runny nose too. Saturday 8th April: So there are Semaglutide supply issues again. People seem to be getting hold of it somehow and selling it on the black market, the Semaglutide helps people lose weight it's been discovered, and people are using that and buying it. It's annoying because I need it to control my blood sugar, it's taken me ages to get to where I am, I'm off the insulin now, only having to inject once a week for my diabetes instead of every day, don't have to worry about constant testing (pricking my fingers to g

Phil's Video Blog 254

  Phil's Video Blog 254 - It's snow day , well it was yesterday, its raining today but the snow is pushing north! Stay safe, stay warm Donate and support me on Ko-Fi - Don't forget my radio shows: Saturday Breakfast - 7am til 10am via In The Groove, Saturday - 10pm til 11pm via or catch-up via Online at: Don't forget, missed something?

March in to a new month

March it is then , a new month and St. David’s Day!, just had to escape the flat today so ended up in Gloucester with Neil. Not too bad a day out all be it a bit cold and damp.   Thursday 2 nd March: Well after yesterday, I am in agony today. My back and my left hip are in great pain, lower back is the worst!     I hope it eases soon. The sun is out and shining in the window so will sit with my back to the window so the sun can work its magic, would rather the heat of the sun than force myself to take co-codamol. Saturday 4th March: So, it is Saturday, and I feel bored, trapped and stuck in a rut.  Look what happened when I tried to break out on Wednesday.... I caught a chill, and to make things worse, the friend I took with me also caught a chill.... I feel guilty  I'm too scared to try getting out of the rut I am stuck in again in case I catch something else!, you know, I think I may be becoming paranoid…. Wednesday 8th March: It's a snow day, and I'm sure I&

Phil's Video Blog 253

Image Video blog number 253, first one done on my new computer!  support me on Ko-Fi -