Car passed its MOT

Well my car has passed its MOT, after a few things needed doing to it. I took it in to National on Cowbridge Road East in Canton.

The first being indicator bulb, it was a faded almost clear light when it should have been more orange, another problem I had that needed sorting was the CV joint dust cover which was warn on the driver side.

Now I had this done only the week befor at Bowsher's Garage on Cowbridge Road East. I have now set the two garages against each other.

I messaged National's customer service team to lodge a complaint with them, also lodged a complaint with Bowsher's. One of them was telling fibs about that part.

Bowsher's have no reason to lie to me about not doing the work on my car last week, and neither do National about the problem they said needed doing.

Bowsher's did say that a number of National customers have gone accross to them after poor work being carried out.... hmmmmm

I'm not sure who to trust or beleive with reguard to this matter, so will wait on the outcome.

It would be good to hear from others who have had problems with National.


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