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2nd Month of 2023

  Oh damn, fibro flare up, can hear the pain in my head, painful tingle all over... welcome to the new month 😓 Well, 1 st of the month, and after being woken up in the early hours, I got some cleaning bits done! Then I was looking in the hall cupboard for a trowel which I thought I had, as was going to go outside and take out dead growth from my tubs, and came over sick and seemed to have made my pain levels rise again.... damn it! I had such good intentions for this afternoon.   2 nd day of the month, its update time! Eyes: got more laser zapping tomorrow on my good eye to keep it good, will chase my bad eye appointment at the same time! Health: feeling better today than yesterday, I didn't really pace myself yesterday, as soon as I felt better, I threw myself into doing things, will I ever learn? Friday 3rd Feb: at the diabetic eye clinic for more laser zapping on my right eye, the good one to keep it good, but also had a scan of my left eye. It seems something