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War, I pray for peace

At this time of year, normally people's attention turn to family, feasts and fun. Spare a thought for those living with conflict, those living in war zones, they won't be having a 'Merry Christmas' With Isreal continuing their ongoing bombing of Gaza, the Palistinians are getting killed, there is no chance for them to have a peaceful life, they didn't start the war, yet they are getting killed every day. Why are they getting killed? Israel is targetting their homes trying to eradicate Hamas terrorists. While the terrorists may be getting killed, thousands of innocent Palistinians arebeing killed. Moving to Eastern Europe and Ukraine, the war with Russia. This conflict has been going on for so long now, maybe it is time for Putin and Zelenskyy to sit at a table and sign a deal. Give Russia the bits of Ukraine it wants to link up with Crimea. All that is left is rubble anyway, if it will stop the war and stop the killing then why not do it? 2024 is on the horizon, and