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My View on Shortages:- Do you know how we end up with shortages? people panic buying for no reason. Fuel for instance, idiots were queuing to fill their cars up and some were also stock piling fuel in jerry cans and other containers, not only is doing this dangerous it is also being very greedy, and preventing others from doing so. The media such as the BBC, Sky, ITV and other outlets, all added to the madness by reporting the few petrol stations that had run out of fuel, and it was only a few, but as what always happens, mass hysteria took over and before we knew it queues were formed and other petrol forecourts were running dry. I managed to get my diesel for my car yesterday morning, my regular weekly amount, not a drop more. I refused to become part of the problem. Fuel shortages at petrol station forecourts have been caused by people panic-buying , not by a shortage of HGV drivers, a top minister has said - and soldiers are not being called up to drive tankers. Environment Secr