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Last 4 Days - 10th June 2022

 Blog Entry: Friday 10h June 2022 Last 4 Days 7th June: Morning all, a bit achy again this morning, think I slept on my right side as my right arm feels like a weight, my neck is in agony too.  Later in the day: Not feeling too good, feeling a bit sick thanks to a terrible pain flare up, it just crept up on me, a lay down I think for the now. 8th June: Last night's flare up started to subside finally, didn't sleep too well at all, pain is currently at a 6.5 out of 10, last night it was around 8. 10th June: As the 2nd test starts today in the cricket, I am feeling very run down, totally exhausted. My get up and go has left me feeling like a drained empty thing. Apart from that, not too bad this morning. Very high on the pollen today, a mix of grass and nettle mostly, eyes are streaming already and throat is tickly. In the afternoon: I went for a lay down as my neck and right shoulder was really hurting, sometimes just going to lay on the bed helps, that and my tablets.  I m