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What Is Brain Fog? Brain and Spondylitis.

Forgetting names. Losing words. Having trouble concentrating. You may have heard the term “brain fog” to describe these issues. Brain fog is a common — and often upsetting — symptom of spondylitis. What Is Brain Fog? In short, brain fog refers to mild cognitive impairment. It results in a whole host of cognitive issues, from forgetfulness to general mental sluggishness. Brain fog is not specifically a medical condition, but rather a symptom. It has been connected to certain inflammatory conditions, including spondylitis. Inflammation is thought to affect the brain and prevent it from reaching a full state of alertness. Many people associate forgetfulness and cognitive problems with serious medical conditions like dementia, which can be scary to consider on top of a spondylitis diagnosis. However, the cause of the brain fog is usually something else. One member wrote, "I thought it was the beginning of dementia. Now I see it’s not. Spondylosis is the cause." The Im