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The Post Christmas Lergy

The Post Christmas Lergy Since Christmas I have been feeling very down with a nasty cough that won't quit. Being diabetic, I keep a check on my blood sugar. I can see the date when the lergy finally broke, just by looking at my blood sugar readings Thursday 11th   11.8 / 12.1 Friday 12th 13.1 / 12.8 Saturday 13th 12.9 / 10.1 / 9.9 ( started new diabetic meds here ) Sunday 14th 10.8 / 9.8 / 9.9 Monday 15th 9.3 / 9.8 / 9.9 Tuesday 16th 8.2 / 7.8  Wednesday 17th 6.4 / 10.8 / 6.8 Thursday 18th 6.3 I think the infection broke around the 15th January. While I do still have the cough, it is not as bad as it was!

Christmas 2023 and into 2024

  I'm not feeling like Christmas right now. My Dad's woman friend, Tel, passed away, she was found by Police yesterday, after Dad hadn't heard from her in a few days. I'm feeling less than perfect. He's not told my sister yet, but she couldn't care less! She's said as much in an email basically washing her hands of it all and has more or less told me to take sides. Now I'm going to have to confront Dad about his house, there's no way I can set foot in there as the smell makes me want to throw up, didn't want to do that til new year. Oh what a Christmas this will be, damn it. I feel like I'm trapped between two dead end roads with no right of way. My downstairs neighbour said if my sister isn't talking to him she won't know I've been there. I can see where she is coming from though. I can't set foot in the house as it is anymore, it turned my stomach the other day, even a face mask don't help. I've decided to send my Da