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Cornflakes coated chicken

Cornflakes coated chicken Inspired by Nigella  In a bowl mix together the following Mustard (of your choice - dijon, whole grain or French) Two cloves of garlic (grated) Egg (to combine) mix well until all ingredients are combined. To this add 2 chicken breast fillets flattened into escallops, let them bathe for a while, while you prepare the coating. In another dish pour some cornflakes , massage them into crumbs, add some paprika or cayenne pepper ( depending on your taste ), mix together. Take the chicken out of your mustard mixture and coat in the cornflakes, make sure you coat well. Fry in a pan until the chicken is cooked. Serve with a nice salad. I used honey nut cornflakes, which wasn't right for the dish due to the sweetness, but the nuttieness worked, I also added chives to the cornflakes. See a video online at

Recipe: Cauli Soup

Recipe: Cauli Soup This time of year I get my big saucepan out and start making nourishing warming soups. These one pan wonders really warm you up and give you all the vitamins you need. This first soup is a cauliflower one Ingredients 1 whole cauliflower 1 courgette 3 medium sized potatoes 1 small tin of sweetcorn Boiled water Salt, Pepper, Garlic Granules, Parsley Now, first of all prep your veg. Cut the leaves of the cauliflower and chop them up and put them in the pan, cut the cauli up in to small bitesize pieces, and put in the pan. Then peel the courgette and cut in half lengthwise, then half again and then dice, and again put in to the pan. Now on to the potatoes, just wash under the tap, leave the skin on and dice then put in the pan. To the pan add your seasoning and a few dessert spoons of gravy granules. Boil a kettle of water, and pour about 2 pints into the pan. Stir all together and then turn the heat on under the pan, bring to the boil and let boil for 15 min