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A video blog in two parts

A video blog in two parts Part 1: In this video blog Smokie has gone to the vets for his snip, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends.  Stay warm, stay safe, always remember your face mask Part 2: Smokie is home and seems like a quiet version of him self at the moment.  Chicken is in the oven for him for later Check me out the socials.... NEW! My Websites...
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Bad times in November

On the night of Friday 6th in to the early hours of Saturday 7th November , started a nasty period for me, this is how it unfolded in real time of then.... Friday , had a really bad night, was woken up at 3am, not by my cat, but chronic pain still got some now but it is easing ( at time of typing this on Saturday ), I hate it when it hits, really stops me dead, Its like tingling through my nerves, get sounds in my head, throbbing in my back, skin goes uggy and itchy. A little better today ( at time of typing this on Sunday ) thank goodness. Bit flushed but i'm improving, will never be 100% ever, but far better than yesterday. Was hardly 2% on Saturday, Sunday however about 40% so still a long way to go. Will push myself to step out side later for a bit. (Today - Monday ) feel about 70% which is almost normal. I have been down to about 30% I guess before, never down to where I was in the early hours on Saturday morning. I tried to keep it all together and managed it. Dark room, kee

Phil's Video Blog 160

Here is my latest video blog for your enjoyment Tune in to me Saturday mornings between 7am and 10am (UK time) at  For lots more videos visit my YouTube Channel main page Also check me out on social media Skype @philengland1 Instagram @england_phil and online at: #covid, #videoblog, #Swansea, #Abertawe, #MoorlandsGold, #radio, #BlueHeelers, #AmazonPrime, #CHiPs, #ForcesTV

In My Mind... Health and Covid 🤯

 So here's a blog update, long time since a readable text one that I thought I better had. A lot of talk has been going around on the upcoming vaccine. Due to my health (on regular injection for my back which lowers my immune system), I am prone to catching things and ending up in hospital, as long as the vaccine has been tested I will have it, I'm not sure my body would cope with Covid, the damage it can do internally. My body barely got over pneumonia, my lungs never fully recovered.  The injection for my back lowers my immune system, and it don't even make things better, it prevents it getting worse, but it won't get better. They won't even attempt an operation as I'm not bad enough. I am stuck in an agonising rut, with no view of getting out of it. Same goes with my neck, and a trapped nerve. I can be in agony with it on and off. When it starts I am in great pain and also get numbness, right down the arm and around the upper back, neck and shoulder areas. It


Remembering Dame Diana Rigg Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg DBE (20 July 1938 – 10 September 2020) She was an English stage and screen actress. Her notable roles was as Emma Peel in the TV series The Avengers (1965–1968). In this video presentation we remember Dame Diana Rigg No copyright infringement intended, video clips are with thanks to ABC Television / Studio Canal BBC Television THAMES Television / Fremantle Media CBS / Talent Associates BBC News HBO

Road Trip - Tuesday 25th August 2020

Road Trip - Tuesday 25th August 2020 START POINT: Bonymaen, Swansea END POINT: Leek, Staffordshire Route taken went along the A449 for a large part of the trip. This video includes a stop near Usk and one near Kidderminster

Moorlands Radio Presenter Chat and Show Promote

Moorlands Radio Presenter Chat / Show Promote On launch day of Moorlands Radio's new online sister station Moorlands Gold, I used a site called CleanFeed to have a chat and promote my Saturday Morning Breakfast Show 7am-10am For the best way to wake up across Leek, the Staffordshire Moorelands and beyond on a Saturday join me, Phil England. On the show there will be the Headline Hit, Just Asking, and a look ahead to what ever has caught my eye on my tv epg for the weekend. All of that plus some of the best music from the 1960s to the 1990s. Set your alarm so you don't miss the show, every Saturday from 7am - M-I-M-O You can interact with me on social media