Phil's Video Blog 254

  Phil's Video Blog 254 - It's snow day , well it was yesterday, its raining today but the snow is pushing north! Stay safe, stay warm Donate and support me on Ko-Fi - Don't forget my radio shows: Saturday Breakfast - 7am til 10am via In The Groove, Saturday - 10pm til 11pm via or catch-up via Online at: Don't forget, missed something?

March in to a new month

March it is then , a new month and St. David’s Day!, just had to escape the flat today so ended up in Gloucester with Neil. Not too bad a day out all be it a bit cold and damp.   Thursday 2 nd March: Well after yesterday, I am in agony today. My back and my left hip are in great pain, lower back is the worst!     I hope it eases soon. The sun is out and shining in the window so will sit with my back to the window so the sun can work its magic, would rather the heat of the sun than force myself to take co-codamol. Saturday 4th March: So, it is Saturday, and I feel bored, trapped and stuck in a rut.  Look what happened when I tried to break out on Wednesday.... I caught a chill, and to make things worse, the friend I took with me also caught a chill.... I feel guilty  I'm too scared to try getting out of the rut I am stuck in again in case I catch something else!, you know, I think I may be becoming paranoid…. Wednesday 8th March: It's a snow day, and I'm sure I&

Phil's Video Blog 253

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2nd Month of 2023

  Oh damn, fibro flare up, can hear the pain in my head, painful tingle all over... welcome to the new month 😓 Well, 1 st of the month, and after being woken up in the early hours, I got some cleaning bits done! Then I was looking in the hall cupboard for a trowel which I thought I had, as was going to go outside and take out dead growth from my tubs, and came over sick and seemed to have made my pain levels rise again.... damn it! I had such good intentions for this afternoon.   2 nd day of the month, its update time! Eyes: got more laser zapping tomorrow on my good eye to keep it good, will chase my bad eye appointment at the same time! Health: feeling better today than yesterday, I didn't really pace myself yesterday, as soon as I felt better, I threw myself into doing things, will I ever learn? Friday 3rd Feb: at the diabetic eye clinic for more laser zapping on my right eye, the good one to keep it good, but also had a scan of my left eye. It seems something

New Year Same Shi... First blog of 2023

New year, same shi.... know what, let's change that bit, there are some things we can't change in our lives, but there is so many things we can, so lets put a positive spin on this and let's do it! Same old issues to start the new year. Still no change with the vision in my left eye, and still no change with other bits of my health either.   As the new year went on, and as we hurtle towards the end of the month, have been getting woken up with pain. Managed to speak to my doctor, who is going to be writing to the hospital specialists to sort out a further appointment for my aches and pains. She says it is inflammation causing me pain.   I’ve been on Imraldi injections :-   This information taken from Imraldi is a medicine that acts on the immune system and is used to treat the following conditions: plaque psoriasis (a disease causing red, scaly patches on the skin) psoriatic arthritis (a disease causing red, scaly patch

2022 into 2023

  Looking back 2022, Looking forward 2023 As 2022 comes to a close, a quick look back and forward. I'm thankful for having my friends and making new ones, Carl and his two dogs, Cosmo and Harley. Dog sitting at home for Hannah's dog Nero, and looking after Gilby for Del, also looking after Cosmo & Harley for Carl. There are loads of people I've not seen this year due to various reasons, mostly down to eye sensitivity to bright lights and being unable to drive safely. I want to and must rectify that in 2023. Online, new friends include Wozzey, Steve and Jake. I've reconnected with a childhood friend from Ipswich, Jason. On Twitter with the star of BBC sitcom No Place Like Home, Dee Sadler; also former BBC news reader and star of the BBC's The Real Marigold Hotel series, Jan Leaming. I feel so proud to have connected with them and be in their universe. My health isn't good, but one thing has changed for the good, I'm no longer on insulin 😊. Going down to

December 2022 - Brrrr what a cold one

  December - the start of Winter... photo taken by Philip England And since the start of this month I have been without my Imraldi injection, this has seemed to cause more issues for my body to deal with, seems the fibromyalgia has taken note of this and been playing with me. I couldn't get my Ozempic, once weekly injection for my diabetes. Nowhere in Swansea had the 1mg dosage I normally have, I phoned NHS111 and even they couldn't locate any stock in the whole of South or West Wales. My GP, Dr Burke, managed to find out that my chemist had the 0.5mg dosage variety, so will have to double up on that one for now. This cold weather hasn't helped matters. My breathing has been hurting, I've been in pain my back and other parts, and haven't really been able to keep warm and stay warm. I’ve once again had issues with sickness first thing, especially today, Friday 16th December. Not too sure why, but took half a day to clear. Speaking of things clearing, my left eye is s