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Mental Health & Covid-19 #MentalHealthMatters

  Mental Health & Covid-19 With the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdowns easing and the continue rising of cases in some areas of the UK, it is natural to feel stressed, to feel anxiety and confusion. First of all, it is ok, more than ok to have a cry. Crying is a good way to release pressure, and to help get things out in the open. No one is weak if they cry, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. I have been suffering with depression for years, not being able to fully shake it. I have found talking to friends a good way to help. At the moment I feel the NHS is under more than enough pressure with things to deal with. There are a number of mental health charities out there that can give help and advice, such as Mind. You can contact them via social media platforms, as well as going to their website at and this page can make sure you get the right help that you need Back in 2020, around about