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Holiday: October 11th til 18th 2023

Holiday - October 11th - 18th, 2023 Austria, Slovenia and as it turns out a bit of Italy, so that also gets crossed off my European list. At date of typing this, Austria is one place I do want to revisit, along with Poland. Lienz is a beautiful city, with a vibrant cafĂ© culture, ideal for relaxing having a drink and watching life just stroll by. Further down the road and over a mountain pass is Hermagor, with a few tree lined streets and lovely cafes with delectable cakes and drinks to wash them down with. After my visit to Lienz, admiring all its buildings, both historic and modern, went to Villach for a rather splendid Chinese buffet at a restaurant called 'The Wok', it was a great establishment, clean and bright with friendly staff and excellent service. Austria is clean, th e homes of residents are picturesque and each one is different, a joy to behold. This in most respects transfers to businesses, hotels and commercial. I've enjoyed my time in Austria, not got to grip