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Eye have a long wait

  25th May 2022 6:50am -  Up early.... Ok, ok, I'm just awake, still under the duvet here. Got to get up though as I have got a hospital appointment this morning.  It is just a bit wet outside this morning. Let you know how I get on later (once i can see what I am typing!, it's an eye appointment) 9:45am - Just got to the hospital, corridor 7 here I come.... phone going on flight mode 1:50pm - Been home from the hospital since 11am, but only now seeing what I can type! So, had the eye appointment, actually saw the one that would be doing the op, the main consultant surgeon.  Now I know 'what they' will be doing. Removing the eye gel and the blood from the eye, then doing laser zapping to sort out the floaters at the back of the eye, and then put a new lense in for distance. The 'when they' is a long way off... September towards October, depending on the waiting list.  I just want it done, want to enjoy my life and the world again. 2:30pm - Feeling a tad depr

March & Early April 2022 Health Update

9th & 10th MARCH Yesterday afternoon (9th March) : Not feeling too good, back killing me to the extent it is painful to breathe, was alright when I woke up. Feeling really drained and a little sick. Pain killers just not helping  Laying on my bed, hot water bottle in middle of back, heat is helping a little, this could be a very long afternoon This morning (10th March) : Back a bit better, after about 6 hot water bottles and a nights sleep, still hurts when I take deep breaths, so even that's an improvement.  Wednesday 30th  MARCH So, another day in excruciating pain (9 out of 10), tingly skin, thumping head, took me a while to pick my phone up  and type this... it is only 3am. Hate this feeling, no amount of CBD oil or co-codamol will have any affect and being woke up by it really sucks. It's 7am and I am still in great pain all over, can hardly move, so fed up.  I must try and get up... somehow, can't spend all day in bed, knowing the kitchen needs a clean is dr

Eye Issue, Diabetes, Jabs and Mental Health

Really fed up with my left eye. Floaters and blurriness.  Went to the hospital on Monday, had eye drops and then pictures taken. Went in to get eye examined. The specialist confirmed that there had been a bleed at the back of the eye, but couldn't see the source of it, so decided not to zap with laser to fix the issue. My eye seems to be producing lots of gunk, keep having to wipe clean, some mornings have to unstick my left eye. Using gentle eye drops which seem to help. A further appointment for Monday 13th December has been made, so this blog post will be updated further then. Now, the eye problem is diabetes related, on the Friday before I saw the diabetic nurse, good news, blood sugars are down close to where they should be, it is still the intention to get me off the Insullin as soon as is possible. Also my cholesterol is in a good place.  While in with the nurse, I chatted to her about how I was feeling. Told her that I am fed up, and that I can't bring mysel

Phil's Video Blog 228 - Health

Phil's Video Blog 228 - Health: floaters and blurriness in my left eye, really dragging me down, got appointment on Monday at hospital. PLUS I got bored the other day, so decided to have a play with some Instagram filters! NOW, why not check out some designs that I have created if you suffer with Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain - visit Fibromyalgia - visit You can get the designs on a tee-shirt, hoodie, bag, badge or even a mug! Don't forget my radio shows , which you can listen again via Saturday Breakfast - 7am til 10am via In The Groove, Saturday - 10pm til 11pm via In The Groove, Sunday - 11pm til 12mn via Check me out on the socials: has the full links Skype @philengland1 I