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In Memoriam Debra Bowring

On Wednesday 31st March 2021, we lost a dear friend, Debra Bowring. I first met her at Wham! Radio in Blaenavon back in April 2004, and worked along side her during the month long trial station in May. I often heard stories of her past, where she would tell me of the television series and films she had worked on.  She had worked in the entertainment industry for 58 years, starting in the cutting rooms as a film and sound editor at Movietonews in the 1950s. She worked on what was to become a cult classic of all time, 2001: A Space Odyssey. She also worked on The Killing Fields and A Room With a View. She got to work along side David Niven, Donald Sutherland, John Hurt and Lawrence Olivier, as well as film directors Roman Polanski and Stanley Kubrick. She also worked on some great television series, including The Sweeney, Special Branch and Monkey. After the trial radio broadcast, I continued to work along side her at Nevill Hall Sound in Abergavenny. She taught me so much that I have co