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June 2023

June 2023 Another month, same ol' stuff going on. At the start of the month I managed a walk, only a gentle walk, but a walk nether the less, my body didn't thank me for it, day after the walk I was in agony.  Couldn't do anything around the flat at all. The dry weather although nice, is really not agreeing with me. As the humid weather kicked in around about the 9th of June my breathing became difficult. Waking up in bed full of sweat wasn't pleasant, combine that with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia amplifying it ... Not good. On Wednesday 14th I've got another laser eye zapping to get through... not looking forward to it though. As I get ready to head to the hospital, Wednesday 14th June, I am hoping it's the last of the laser zapping, I just want my vision properly back in my left eye.  Bit on the achy side again this morning which is making getting ready difficult, but as normal, I struggle on. Well, the laser eye zapping went ok, can see a bit clearer, but n

December 2022 - Brrrr what a cold one

  December - the start of Winter... photo taken by Philip England And since the start of this month I have been without my Imraldi injection, this has seemed to cause more issues for my body to deal with, seems the fibromyalgia has taken note of this and been playing with me. I couldn't get my Ozempic, once weekly injection for my diabetes. Nowhere in Swansea had the 1mg dosage I normally have, I phoned NHS111 and even they couldn't locate any stock in the whole of South or West Wales. My GP, Dr Burke, managed to find out that my chemist had the 0.5mg dosage variety, so will have to double up on that one for now. This cold weather hasn't helped matters. My breathing has been hurting, I've been in pain my back and other parts, and haven't really been able to keep warm and stay warm. I’ve once again had issues with sickness first thing, especially today, Friday 16th December. Not too sure why, but took half a day to clear. Speaking of things clearing, my left eye is s