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Phil's Video Blog 228 - Health

Phil's Video Blog 228 - Health: floaters and blurriness in my left eye, really dragging me down, got appointment on Monday at hospital. PLUS I got bored the other day, so decided to have a play with some Instagram filters! NOW, why not check out some designs that I have created if you suffer with Chronic Pain or Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain - visit Fibromyalgia - visit You can get the designs on a tee-shirt, hoodie, bag, badge or even a mug! Don't forget my radio shows , which you can listen again via Saturday Breakfast - 7am til 10am via In The Groove, Saturday - 10pm til 11pm via In The Groove, Sunday - 11pm til 12mn via Check me out on the socials: has the full links Skype @philengland1 I