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Remember the 5th of November plus 5 days either side

Fireworks, noisy wizz bangy things, they really do scare the be-jesus out of people and animals. Two of the dogs I sit for, Nero and Harley are both scared of them, petrified of them even. Harley though, it seems, is no daft dog. She has discovered a safe her owners apartment. It's the room with no windows, it is the bathroom, a windowless cocoon for a dog that is scared of the fireworks. She jumped into the bath to escape the noisy bloomin' things. Her master, Carl, wanted to make it comfortable for her , put her dog bed and a few blankets in there for her. I saw a photo of her in her comfy space, she looked very content. When will the government ban the private sale of fireworks? They should be for sale only to councils, community organisations and religious establishments.