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May 2023

  In to the fifth month of the year , still getting tired a lot, my blood pressure seems to be improving, and my diabetic blood sugar levels seem to be within a good range. Eye wise, I am due some laser zapping again to clear up as one specialist called it, frosting behind the lens that was put in, after that my vision should be ok, so am now on a waiting list for that!   5 th May 2023: Woke up by great pain in my right arm, right shoulder, top of my back and neck, feeling sick with the pain again too. Pain is at 9 out of 10 I would say.   8 th May 2023: Well, it’s my 48 th birthday today, kind of a quiet one, uneventful, but that’s ok. Pain at a capable level, felt a little queasy this morning but not sick though.   9 th May 2023: Managed to venture out today with Neil. Had a little walk along the beach foot path, got some good fresh sea air and some moody photos, here is one of them.... photo © Philip (Phil) England MMXX!!! 16th May 2023: Last week I managed to