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Breakfast and shopping

Monday 23rd October Ventured out to Bridgend for a Toby breakfast, didn't have much, but Neil did go up for seconds, his plate was full the second time!, then aimed for Cardiff and to IKEA. Seemed to have walked for miles in there, then to M&S at Culverhouse Cross. Why are shops so brightly illuminates? it's not a foodball match, don't need to be flood lit you know, some don't enjoy the bright lights, you can count me in that number! All in all a break from the flat, plus I had Neil's take on the world en- route too.... and added plus, maybe. Got easily drained, as my sleep in the night was interrupted by the need to pee, it's my new diabetic tablets, before I was on them I only needed to get up once,.now's it's 3 or more, annoying, very annoying.  Talking of tablets, went to SA1 surgery to pick up prescription, only to discover the prescription has gone to my chemist in Winch Wen.  I've got an injection delivery due tomorrow, so need to wait in