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Early August 2022 - Health Update

7th August - Blog Entry: Heat is building! Had a funny feeling I had over done yesterday, down and upstairs a number of times sorting my plant tubs out in the garden, before doing that going to Home Bargains and Tesco's, I ignored my limits and just kept on going, and now I am paying for it, not as bad as it could have been but still enough to stop me from doing much today. Should be popping to see some of the Cuppa and Chat group later this morning (if I can manage it!) 11th August - Blog Entry: In a scorching heatwave!  Woken up by a thumping headache, feeling a bit queasy, and my neck and shoulders are killing me! I hate feeling like this, just feel like hiding away when I feel like this, the heat isn't helping 17th August - Blog Entry: Finally it feels fresher! So I may have over done sorting out cupboards today, my back and shoulders are starting to play up!         I seemed to have only just moved things out and right back in, nothing got thrown away.... Pointless really.

Blog Entry: 23rd June 2022

  Blog Entry: 23 rd June 2022 Since the last entry, my pain has been between 3 and 6 out of 10 . I did have a flare up on the 17 th June , that came on in the afternoon, which my friend’s dog, Nero, picked up on, he stayed by my side all afternoon until he went home. On the 18 th June my left knee decided to give way, and was weak for most of the weekend. I dog sat a friend’s 2 dogs, the biggest of the two, Cosmo (pictured), really looked after me, my following me around the flat and standing right by my left knee, I think he was trying to hold me up! I had a dentist appointment on the 22 nd June, a check-up. I have to go back on the 13 th July for three fillings. Say hello to Cosmo!