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Following the Autumn Statement & Question Time

Following on from the Autumn Statement on Wednesday, and BBC Question Time. I'm on ESA, I want to work, and have even tried applying for jobs. My health is a warning sign it seems to employers. I have days when I can't get out of bed, where it's just too much of an effort to even lift my head off the pillow. When I am able to do things I throw my all into it. I then suffer because of it by my body rebelling. It really gets on my nerves. I would love to work, but there are so many fit and healthy people about, why would a company take on someone like me who would be unreliable for them and the work world in general? Do the government see this or understand this? I'm on PIP, the mobility part goes towards keeping me independent (can't use busses due to anxiety) the other part goes towards CBD oil to reduce my need for some medication and to save the Welsh NHS money on my prescription. I'm on ESA as well, this is used for the rest of my living costs. I