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October 2022 - Autumn has arrived!

October, and Autumn seems to have really arrived  with wind and rain! The early part of this month I felt very sluggish and tired, spent a lot of time in bed, I really think I have the seasonal blues!. Friday 7th: Had Nero as always during the day time, then in the evening had Cosmo and Harley, but before they arrived decided to invite Neil up to help me with them. Saturday 8th: Had a pain in my side when I woke up, it was there a little bit yesterday but only slight. Run Neil and the dogs over to his. In the evening pain was still there but worse, not bad enough to warrent phoning NHS111 or out of hours doctor. Sunday 9th: Feeling cold, and still have that pain, but it is easing. Monday 10th: Monday morning, start of a new week, same old problems. Back, neck and shoulders up to their usual thing, pain at a so-so level of 5 out of 10. I'm feeling cold and drained, but I must get the milk in though, so must summon up the energy to get out of bed! Tuesday 11th: The pain continues

Eye Issue, Diabetes, Jabs and Mental Health

Really fed up with my left eye. Floaters and blurriness.  Went to the hospital on Monday, had eye drops and then pictures taken. Went in to get eye examined. The specialist confirmed that there had been a bleed at the back of the eye, but couldn't see the source of it, so decided not to zap with laser to fix the issue. My eye seems to be producing lots of gunk, keep having to wipe clean, some mornings have to unstick my left eye. Using gentle eye drops which seem to help. A further appointment for Monday 13th December has been made, so this blog post will be updated further then. Now, the eye problem is diabetes related, on the Friday before I saw the diabetic nurse, good news, blood sugars are down close to where they should be, it is still the intention to get me off the Insullin as soon as is possible. Also my cholesterol is in a good place.  While in with the nurse, I chatted to her about how I was feeling. Told her that I am fed up, and that I can't bring mysel