October 2022 - Autumn has arrived!

October, and Autumn seems to have really arrived 

with wind and rain!

The early part of this month I felt very sluggish and tired, spent a lot of time in bed, I really think I have the seasonal blues!.

Friday 7th: Had Nero as always during the day time, then in the evening had Cosmo and Harley, but before they arrived decided to invite Neil up to help me with them.

Saturday 8th: Had a pain in my side when I woke up, it was there a little bit yesterday but only slight. Run Neil and the dogs over to his. In the evening pain was still there but worse, not bad enough to warrent phoning NHS111 or out of hours doctor.

Sunday 9th: Feeling cold, and still have that pain, but it is easing.

Monday 10th: Monday morning, start of a new week, same old problems. Back, neck and shoulders up to their usual thing, pain at a so-so level of 5 out of 10.

I'm feeling cold and drained, but I must get the milk in though, so must summon up the energy to get out of bed!

Tuesday 11th: The pain continues... and Fibromyalgia ramps it up in volume!

5am: Woke up in agony with my neck and top part of my back in great pain, left hand is feeling numb. Pain right now 8 out of 10 (lower back a little less)

3pm: Starting to feel better, but drained! Pain is at about 6 out of 10

Wednesday 12th: So tomorrow got my eye op, have to be at Singleton Hospital for 7:30am. The hospital phoned to see if I could move it back to 7:30am from 11:30am, my first thought when they phoned was 'oh drat....', fearing another cancelled appointment!

To see how the eye op went, and read about my recovery see https://www.itsmyblog.me.uk/2022/10/eye-op.html

Sunday 16th: Struggled with putting the rubbish and milk bottles out this evening, not because of my eye, but my shoulder and back pain, my left leg and hip are also playing up, pain level at about 7 out of 10

Tuesday 18th: My left eye is looking better, but still very achy and sore, keeping up with the drops and ointment.

Rest of me is very achy this morning, left hip is killing, it's about a 8 out of 10 on my pain scale, while my back is about a 5 out of 10 

Just stubbed my big toe on door frame... owch, in agony!

Wednesday 19th: Very achy eye this morning. Neck, shoulders and back also in agony, fibromyalgia flare up

Thursday 20th to Sunday 30th: Nothing really to report. 

Still unable to see out of my left eye because the gas bubble is still there, it should take about a month to disperse and is on track time wise, and all is looking good regard healing.

Pain wise, it’s been a case of same old same old, with pain ranging from 4 to 7 on my scale of 1 to 10. I’ve today started a pain killer reset as they seem to have lost their impact, so what I do is stop taking them for up to 5 days to reset their effectiveness. CBD oil and Turmeric & Black Pepper capsules will fill the void along with Gabapentin. 


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