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October 2023

October 2023   This is the month of my holiday to Austria & Slovenia! Wednesday 3rd October: Damn it, fibromyalgia strikes in the night again. My whole body is in agony, feeling extremely tingly and achy. Not even sure I can remember a warning sign of its impending visit yesterday 🥺 Not a way to be woken up in the night that's for sure. Think I may have forgotten my gabapentin though, so that could be why it's dropped by 😔 Thursday 5th October: Well, a sluggish day so far today, got Nero later (he always cheers me up big time, bless him) Doctor will be phoning later to discuss my diabetic readings of the last few days. Also today am waiting on Amazon delivery, and I think one other parcel too. My mind is going... I thought I had Amazon order coming today... guess who forgot to check out his order? never mind, will come tomorrow now. Had Nero today, he’s a fantastic dog, he looks after me, he’s like my shadow! Friday 6th October: Just gone 5am What the.... my lower back,