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March & Early April 2022 Health Update

9th & 10th MARCH Yesterday afternoon (9th March) : Not feeling too good, back killing me to the extent it is painful to breathe, was alright when I woke up. Feeling really drained and a little sick. Pain killers just not helping  Laying on my bed, hot water bottle in middle of back, heat is helping a little, this could be a very long afternoon This morning (10th March) : Back a bit better, after about 6 hot water bottles and a nights sleep, still hurts when I take deep breaths, so even that's an improvement.  Wednesday 30th  MARCH So, another day in excruciating pain (9 out of 10), tingly skin, thumping head, took me a while to pick my phone up  and type this... it is only 3am. Hate this feeling, no amount of CBD oil or co-codamol will have any affect and being woke up by it really sucks. It's 7am and I am still in great pain all over, can hardly move, so fed up.  I must try and get up... somehow, can't spend all day in bed, knowing the kitchen needs a clean is dr