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My Life In Blog Form

My first ever book is out! MY LIFE IN BLOG FORM Welcome to my first ever book, it contains a number of my blogs, and some added extra bits from other social media outlets of mine. It follows my life since the first lockdown and focuses on my life. I do like cooking, and enjoy watching Saturday Kitchen as well as other shows! A cut of profits from the sale of each book will go to a Fibromyalgia charity, so please do buy a copy, either physical or electronic. It's on Amazon right now at this address It's in paperback or for kindle

Mental Health Awareness Week

 This week is Mental Health Awareness Week , and today I am talking about ' Anxiety ' Like many others, I've had an issue with anxiety for many years, but during the pandemic and the various lock downs its been ramped up, and currently am not ready to face the issue head on. There is help out there, so please do a search online to find out what help is available in your area. Video version is on YouTube I'm looking for people to talk to about this issue, if you want to take part, message me on here or email If you are part of a mental health charity and would be willing to have a zoom chat with me so I can make a vlog / podcast, please get in touch