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Eye Op

 EYE OP Thursday 13th October, 5:45am  Well I am up, not sure if I'm awake yet, but out of bed and getting sorted. Eye op this morning 7:23am  In Singleton ward 2... Got butterflies in my stomach!,In case I get lost ... It's got my name and address on it! Im 2nd on the list, should have the op at about 10:30/11am Well the op went OK, the worst bit was having the anesthetic put in to numb the eye and have it frozen. Had to lay on my front for an hour, then on my side for 45 mins. At the time I was due to be picked up, everyone vanished, I was still on a trolley beside my hospital bed, couldn't  get off it to get to my phone! Eventually I was released from the trolley and was told I had to eat something, so had an egg sandwich and a decent cup of tea!,  At home now, got to sleep on my left side, and for next 4 days when awake I have to spend 45 mins out of every hour laying down or with my head resting to the left. Currently have a hard plastic patch on (which is soooo annoyi