Eye Op


Thursday 13th October, 5:45am Well I am up, not sure if I'm awake yet, but out of bed and getting sorted. Eye op this morning
7:23am In Singleton ward 2... Got butterflies in my stomach!,In case I get lost ... It's got my name and address on it! Im 2nd on the list, should have the op at about 10:30/11am

Well the op went OK, the worst bit was having the anesthetic put in to numb the eye and have it frozen. Had to lay on my front for an hour, then on my side for 45 mins.
At the time I was due to be picked up, everyone vanished, I was still on a trolley beside my hospital bed, couldn't  get off it to get to my phone! Eventually I was released from the trolley and was told I had to eat something, so had an egg sandwich and a decent cup of tea!, 
At home now, got to sleep on my left side, and for next 4 days when awake I have to spend 45 mins out of every hour laying down or with my head resting to the left.
Currently have a hard plastic patch on (which is soooo annoying and uncomfortable) but it can come off tomorrow lunchtime.
Have drops and ointment to apply for the next few weeks. Have to go back in two weeks for check up 
The anesthetic has almost worn off and hurts like crap 

Friday 14th Last night my eye pain was awful, but seems to have subsided, nowhere near as bad now, it just aches a little bit.
The hard plastic patch that was protecting my eye was annoying, and I think I may have knocked that, which wouldn't have helped.
Can't wait to remove it and let the air at my eye, which should assist with the healing process.
If you know me well, you will know I do tend to panic and worry!

Saturday 15th My eye is still looking bloodshot, and still achy 
Still can't see clear out of it yet, but it's getting there... slowly

Sunday 16th As my recovery, drops and ointment continue, Neil has headed home safe in the knowledge I'm not likely to walk in to any doors.

My eye is very watery this evening....

this from a NHS webpage....
"It is normal for the eye to appear red, feel gritty and itchy for a while after cataract surgery. Some clear fluid discharge is common. After a week, even mild discomfort should disappear. In most cases, healing will take between 2 and 6 weeks"

Tuesday 18th: My left eye is looking better, but still very achy and sore, keeping up with the drops and ointment. Still can't see to clearly out of it, not surprising with the drops and ointment really!

Wednesday 19th: Very achy eye this morning, just want it to get better... 
In general health: Neck, shoulders and back also in agony, fibromyalgia flare up

this from an opticians webpage....
Blurred vision after cataract surgery may last for a week or two, and this is nothing to worry about. 
Complete healing of the eye can take up to eight weeks. 

Ugggg - it's a long road left!
Currently my eye is very achy, time for more drops and ointment. I keep sticking my eye lids together with the ointment!

Wednesday 26th: Went back to see specialist for a check up. 

Still unable to see out of my left eye because the gas bubble is still there, it should take about a month to disperse and is on track time wise, and all is looking good regard healing.

Found out that a friend's ex had an eye op, and after it, it took about 4 weeks before his vision came back (thanks for that Lesley hun)

Its been just over two weeks for my eye healing, so about two weeks to go for me.

Friday 4th November: Ohhhh black spot in my eye... 🥺 I'm not concerned...

"As the gas bubble is absorbed, you will notice the edge of the gas bubble in your vision as a dark line. As the bubble gets smaller, it will look like a dark circle getting smaller and smaller until it disappears. It may break up into 2 or more smaller bubbles, and this is normal."

And my sight is still very blurry, again, not concerned...

"It is normal for your vision in the operated eye to be very blurry while the gas bubble is present."

Sunday 6th November: A slight vision of the peripheral type, extreme parts of. This coming Thursday is 4 weeks since op.

Saturday 12th November: No change to the eye but the gas bubble reducing slowly. This letter from specialist...

29th November: Well my left eye is still a blur, they want to give it more time to clear, and while that's happening they want to start zapping my right eye! Oh joy!

I've been given the all clear, the OK to drive following a field vision test.... hmmm, in the back of my mind something is saying maybe not! I will decide for myself when I get behind the wheel if I feel safe or not!


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