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Scamming B******

SCAMMING BA$**** Just had a scammer phone my landline, from visa debit card - how dull do they think people are? My debit card is a Master Card, they don't even know who my bank is! And visa wouldn't phone anyway, the bank would, kept them on the line as long as I could. A bit more about this...... So, I had a scam call on my landline, I knew it was a scam call because they said its 'VISA DEBIT CARD', which I don't have as I have a 'MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD' I kept the scammer on the line as long as I could, I know the longer they are on the line with me, the less time they have to try to scam someone else!  Playing them at their own game, I think I got them confused as they started dithering and then hung up.  They didn't get any numbers from me, they didn't know what number they phoned, didn't know my name or address and didnt know who I banked with!  SCAMMERS really are thick as two short planks! They think they know things but they dont! I am fi