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Recipe: Chicken Cottage Pie

  Chicken Cottage Pie First of all chop two small onions and gently fry until semi translucent, in to that add some garlic (granules or minced or chopped - your choice) along with a little pepper and salt, then add your minced chicken (you can use turkey if you want).  Gently fry until the mince has cooked through, then add a small tin of sweetcorn and about half an egg cup full of light soy sauce. Mix through and then put the mixture in to a casserole dish. Now for the mashed potatoes, you can do this from scratch or buy ready mashed. You can use sweet potatoes or ordinary potatoes if you wish, in to the mash add some soft cheese, I used garlic and herb, mix this through the mash and spoon on top of the mince. Cook in the oven for and hour or so on gas mark 7, or equivalent. Serve with peas or maybe peas and carrots mixed. Let me know what you think of this dish.