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The FEAR of Christmas

THE FEAR OF CHRISTMAS Christmas comes but once a year...., thank goodness for that! Ever since my Mum passed away, and a number of friends including Huw from Cardiff, John from Bridgend, and a few others; the magic has vanished from what is supposed to be a joyous time of the year. For a number of years now I've had something to look forward too, dog and house sitting down in Wallington in Surrey. This year however its not happening. A trip to the big city seems to have become a big part of making Christmas something. So what am I embarking on?, a trip to London for a few days, taking one of my friends with me so we can explore. A Christmas at home means I will need to attempt some kind of festive meal.  My roast potatoes leave a lot to be desired I have to say. For the past few weeks, I have been trying to perfect my roast potatoes, I think I am close. Here's the method! Part boil with onion in a pan.  Heat up the roasting tin with oil and some garlic. Drain the potatoes and b