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Cons proposals for PIP

Cons proposals for PIP Sunak and his government need flogging - end of! Here are his government's proposals relating to PIP. Awards for claimants with physical health conditions and those with mental health issues were called into question by Sunak. He argued that whilst some people need money for aids such as handrails or stairlifts “Often they’re already available at low cost, or free from the NHS or Local Authorities. And they’re one-off costs so it probably isn’t right that we’re paying an ongoing amount every year.” MY VIEW ON THIS: I need PIP for my motability car, also to get CBD and other natural remedies as I'm not a fan of co-codamol and other pain killers and things to make life easier that I can't get elsewhere, I buy my own walking sticks that go with what I wear, so they blend in and don't stand out, it helps my minds train of thought. In addition, claimants with mental health conditions are to be targeted because “for all the challenges they face it is n