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Feeling like crud

SATURDAY 18TH NOVEMBER: Off to bed, not feeling in the best of feelings right now, feel very down and on edge, got a feeling I just can't seem to shake, feels a bit like gloom mixed with some impending doom, thumping headache and pain all over (but it's not fibro pain) SUNDAY 19RH NOVEMBER: Well after starting to feel like crap on Saturday, today not been feeling ANY better, seem to have been going through the motions, managed to escape the flat for a few hours (thanks Carl, Cosmo and Harley). Was a bit of a struggle putting rubbish out. Earlier today I was swapping out ethernet leads when my good eye got hit by one end of a lead as I pulled it free (owch), eye still hurts, may phone Specsavers in the morning if it painful. Hope this feeling goes soon