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DVLA Fun & Games

Damn the DVLA in Swansea dragging their feet over removing code 78 from my driving license. It's stressing me out and affecting, possibly, my holiday, affecting me getting a new Motability car AND me moving on in life in aiming to drive a coach as a job.  I've rediscovered my love of driving, and at.the moment the DVLA risk wrecking that for me. I discovered the code while at J&J Motors in Skewen while starting an application for my new Motability car. I got in touch with the DVLA that same hour, and was told an investigation would be started. It was a whole week before I discovered what had happened after I had phoned them. Now I know I messed up by ticking a wrong box. As soon as I discovered what I had done I tried to rectify the issue. I wrote a letter pointing out my mistake, putting that letter in an envelope along with my licence. I took it to the DVLA in Swansea myself and was pointed in the direction of a silver postbox by security. I dropped the letter in there.